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List of Carolina Panthers videotaped games continued:
2000 games included are the games below: record (0-4), (7-9)
  #1 pre-season game #one with jacksonville Lost 34-14 08/04/2000 2:33
  #2 pre-season game #two at pittsburgh Lost 13-0 08/10/2000 2:16
  #3 pre-season game #three with baltimore Lost 24-13 08/18/2000 2:49 w/pre-game show
  #4 pre-season game #four at new england Lost 29-21 08/24/2000 2:54 w/pre-game show
  #5 game #one at washington Lost 20-17 09/03/2000 (m. bates 92 yd ko return) 2:19
  #6 game #two at san francisco Won 38-22 09/10/2000 2:28
  #7 game #three with atlanta Lost15-10 09/17/2000 2:17
  #8 game #four with dallas Lost16-13 ot 10/01/2000 2:08
  #9 game #five with seattle Won 26-3 10/08/2000 2:16
#10 game #six at new orleans Lost 24-6 10/15/2000 (saints 8 sacks) 2:18
#11 game #seven with san francisco Won 34-16 10/22/2000 (not taped)
#12 game #eight at atlanta Lost13-12 10/29/2000 (NFL's1st w/british announcer) 2:13
#13 game #nine at st louis Won 27-24 11/05/2000 espn game-rams 2 tds nullified by penalty 2:20
#14 game #ten with new orleans Lost 20-10 11/12/2000 (beuerlein 5 TOs, sacked 8 times) 2:09
#15 game #eleven at minnesota Lost 31-17 11/19/2000
#16 game #twelve with green bay Won 31-14 11/27/2000 (mnf brad hooverdebut)
#17 game #thirteen with st louis Won 16-3 12/03/2000 (rams 7 straight TOs)
#18 game #fourteen at kansas city Lost 15-14 12/10/2000 (last minute field goal)
#19 game #fifteen with san diego Won 30-22 12/17/2000 (missing 1st 18 minutes)
#20 game #sixteen at oakland Lost 52-9 12/24/2000
Y note: all games are commercial free Y 
If you are wanting copies of any of the above games, all I require is that you mail me enough video tapes to cover the games you want and money to cover return postage or you could send money to cover cost of videotapes and postage. Please email me for address. Thank you, panthersnut
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