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Alvin McKinley #98 Defensive Tackle
College: Mississippi
Nickname: Big Mac
Favorite Food: Barbeque
Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies n' Cream
Favorite Breakfast: Corn Pops
Favorite TV Show: Martin
Favorite Movie: Belly
Favorite Actor: Jamie Foxx
Favorite Musician: Bob Marley
Favorite Non-Football Team/Player: New York Yankees
Hobbies: Taking Road Trips with Friends
Childhood Heroes: Parents
One Thing He Can't Do: Swim
If President He Would: Lower Taxes
Biggest Fear: Swimming
If Animal, Would Be: A Dog
Biggest Pet Peeve: Cry Babies
If Could be Someone Else for a Day: Bill Clinton
Emotion After Being Drafted: I Made It
Favorite College Course: English
Most Influential Person In Football: Hard Knock Coaches
Most Influential Person In Life: God and Parents
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