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List of Dom Capers Shows I have videotaped:
(Carolina Panthers 1st Head Coach):
1996 Panthers Season:
Game #1 Show atlanta 18:36
Game #2 Show new orleans 19:20
Game #3 Show san francisco 19:00
Game #4 Show jacksonville 19:49
Game #7 Show new orleans 19:20
Game #12 Show houston 19:16
Game #14 Show san francisco 29:29
Game #15 Show baltimore 19:05
Game #16 Show pittsburgh 19:05
Game #17 Show playoff dallas 40:00
Game #18 Show nfc championship green bay 37:48
1997 Panthers Season:
Preseason game #2 Show denver 25:13
Preseason game #3 Show kansas city 18:10
Preseason game #4 Show pittsburgh 19:20
Game #1 Show washington 17:56
Game #2 Show atlanta 17:55
Game #3 Show san diego 18:33
Game #4 Show kansas city 17:58
Game #5 Show san francisco 18:09
Game #6 Show minnesota 18:44
Game #8 Show atlanta 18:35
Note: all shows were produced on monday night after each game.
If you are wanting copies of any of the above games, all I require is that you mail me enough video tapes to cover the games you want and money to cover return postage or you could send money to cover cost of videotapes and postage. Please email me for address. Thank you, panthersnut
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