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Clarence Jones #75 Offensive Tackle
College: Maryland
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Favorite TV Show: Babylon 5
Favorite Movie: Let's Do It Again
Favorite Actor: Samuel L. Jackson
Favorite Musician: Al Green
Favorite Non-Football Team/Player: 1980's Lakers & Muhammad Ali
Routine Before Game: Take a Shower
Childhood Heroes: Father, Ali, & Marcus Garvey
Any Pets: A Boxer named Dino
Hobbies: Reading
Future Plans: Join Star Fleet Academy
One Thing He Can't Do:Buy Clothes off the Rack that fit
If President He Would: Promote Empowerment to communities
If not for NFL Would be: A Lawyer
Biggest Fear: That He Won't Be All He Can Be
If Animal Would Be: A Lion
Biggest Pet Peeve: Unclean Bathrooms at Hotels
history of panthers number Y 
original free agents Y 
Y 1995 veteran draft  Y 
prowl panthers planet Y 
panthers planet home Y