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Jeno James #78 Offensive Guard


College: Auburn
Given Name: Jenorris
Favorite Food: Collard Greens & Chicken
Favorite Ice Cream: Banana Cream
Favorite Breakfast: Frosted Flakes
Favorite TV Show: Good Times
Favorite Actor: Robert DeNiro
Favorite Musician: Fred Hammond
Favorite Non-Football Team/Player: Michael Jordan
Pets: Yorkshire Terrier named Spike
Hobbies: Reading, Writing Poetry, Watching Movies
Childhood Hero: Father
If President He Would: Have More Opportunities for Everyone
Biggest Fear: Losing His Family
If Animal He Would Be: A Lion
Biggest Pet Peeve: A Lot of Hand Movement
Emotion at Being Drafted: Relieved
Favorite College Course: English
Most Influential In His Life: God
history of panthers number Y 
original free agents Y 
Y 1995 veteran draft  Y 
prowl panthers planet Y 
panthers planet home Y