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Leander Jordan #76 Offensive Guard
College: Indiana (PA)
Nickname: D-Boy
Favorite Food: Lasagne
Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies n' Cream
Favorite Breakfast: Honey Combs
Favorite TV Show: Sanford and Son
Favorite Movie: Gladiator
Favorite Actor: Samuel L. Jackson
Favorite Musician: Kenny G.
Favorite Non-Football Team/Player: Rasheed Wallace
Hobbies: Basketball, Drawing, & Swimming
Childhood Hero: Superman
One Thing He Can't Do: 2 Pull-ups by Myself
If President He Would: Give Better Help to Third World Countries
Biggest Fear: God
If Animal He Would Be: A Cheetah
Biggest Pet Peeve: People putting Fingerprints on His Truck after Washing it
If Could be Someone Else for a Day: Bill Gates
Emotion After Being Drafted: I've Made It
Favorite College Course: Psychology
Most Influential In Life: Mother
Most Influential In Football: Frank Cignetti Sr.
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original free agents Y 
Y 1995 veteran draft  Y 
prowl panthers planet Y 
panthers planet home Y